Sponsor My Team matches recreational sports teams with local bar and restaurant sponsors

faq Bkbox-btm_arrow-down frequently asked questions
  • Should I be signed up for a league prior to applying for sponsorship? Yes. Only teams currently registered with a league are eligible for sponsorship. Once your team has joined a league, create an account to search and apply for sponsorship!
  • I am looking for sponsorship, how much does it cost? Sponsormyteam.com is free for people searching and applying for team sponsorship.
  • Are there age restrictions to apply for sponsorship? Yes, by law, you must be 21 years or older to enter a bar.
  • What happens after I SUBMIT AN APPLICATION FOR SPONSORSHIP? You can relax! Sponsormyteam.com will notify the Sponsor of your teams pending application. Within 48 hours, your team will be notified if the application has been accepted. Sponsor do have limited availability. In the event a Sponsor could not accept your teams application for the season, Sponsormyteam.com will save all of your information making it easy to search and apply for a new sponsorship!
  • Are there restrictions on the sponsorship packages? If a bar offers cash for teams, when can we expect payment? Each sponsorship package is unique. Check the offer restrictions SECTION and offer details when applying for all relevant information.
  • Why should I check in on game days? On game days, you'll receive an email link to check-in your team. This way the bar can track your attendance and reward you for showing up!
  • Which cities does Sponsormyteam.com currently serve? For now, we're only in Chicago neighborhoods on the north side, however plan to expand in other cities in 2013.
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